Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Skiing Conditions at 12th MIle Creek

What a week ... Powder skiing one week ... spring skiing a week later.

Last Friday we had delightful POW, Saturday we enjoyed soft conditions with sporadic intervals of very light rain. My ski partner Erin and I were surprised that the milder temps (-2 to 0 deg-C) and drizzle not only had a small effect on the snow conditions, but the stability remained unchanged from the day before with moderate test results (CTMQ2) and no evidence of propagation potential.

The next video have footage from last week Friday/Saturday, where sunny day = March 2nd, overcast day = March 3rd. Yeap, it is big time unrelated to today's skiing, but it never hurts to recall last week conditions.

Another video was created by Lachlin (JT son):

Not unexpectedly, todays conditions were warm, but high clouds and a light breeze kept the snowpack in check. We did not find corn, but we skied a velvety surface of 3-4 cm of melt snow. After 20 years, finally my partner and wife broke down, and had her first BC skiing experience. We toured and skied the Twelve Mile Creek Drainage south of Freeman's ridge.

Who said there are no runs next to Granite Spirals at Mores Creek Summit
12 Mile Creek Drainage at Mores Creek Summit
The top 1 meter of the snow is closed to isothermal at South and SE aspects up to 7000 feet, with only 2-3 Deg C difference for the top meter. Of course the graupel and facet layers were present, but no clear sliding plane existed and the crystals showed a high level of "rounding" and "sintering".  Stability test results did not revealed evidence of instability (CTHQ3 & ECTN). North and East protected slopes had a breakable crust, that we did not skied, but allowed for good skiing up to the ridges.

Skiing down to I21, Mile marker 50
Lachlin Limo picking skiers at Miler Marker 50
After a good day of skiing, it only made sense to stop at Trudy's to have her famous desserts.

Trudy's restaurant. Lachlin, John, Lulu, today's ski partners.
The Greatest - Huckleberry Cheesecake 
Chocolate Mousse Pie
Apple Pie
Make sure that in the future you try Trudy's delicacies, you will not regret it.

Tomorrow we go back to Winter. Check the latest hourly forecast (click at the image to zoom up):

This forecast format is very useful, thus a link is included below for it: