Friday, January 2, 2009

Mores Summit Creek Area Topo Maps

First I want to apologize to those that attempted to get a magnified view of the Mores Creek Summit topo map. I received feedback from 3 individuals, meaning there had to be a lot more with this problem. I was unable to determine what was wrong with the posting, and even loaded the jpg file again to no avail.

Assuming this is valuable information for some, I will err on the safe side AND include on this post 3 topographical maps for the Mores Creek Summit area.

The map below was posted few days ago, and it shows the uptrack and most popular ski runs.

The next topo map is for the winter corner area (NE Sunset Peak).

The map below was posted last year. A year ago I attempted to get a the backcountry community creative juices flowing. The goal was to get cool names for ski runs at Pilot, Freeman, and Winter Corner. I pick some names, admittedly HORRIBLE!, but it was a start.

Maybe this time we will get cool suggestions for ski run names.
Have a nice Friday evening! Maybe I will get to see some of you tomorrow at Mores Creek Summit area.

Before saying ADIOS, I need to ask again for a BIG favor. Next week the ski hut guiding season starts, and I will be out of the area two weekends a month. I created another blog that allows MULTIPLE authors. The blog is listed at the "top right hand side". PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE - consider becoming an author, and contribute to the community by posting ski quality (or lack of it!) conditions, avalanche observations, or any other topic you think is important.