Sunday, October 9, 2011


Today it brings me great joy to announce that is now live!

For those that are unaware of what the project, read on.

SnowGeek is an ongoing project whose mission is to achieve excellence in education, data analysis, and resource compilation. The goal is that by offering advanced, but user friendly features to analyze data and compile resources, SnowGeek creates a community that facilitates discussion about snow science and avalanche education.

At launch, SnowGeek includes the Home, Blog, About Us, and Contact Us Pages, but that won't stay true for long. Very shortly after launch the Community page will be added which at the moment will include a forum for discussion and hopefully much more! If you have ideas please leave feedback by going to "Contact Us".

Following the addition of the community page, I will start work on creating the primary features that SnowGeek will eventually offer: The Data Center, The Education Center, and The Resource Center. The first feature to be created will be The Data Center and should be ready by the start of the winter. The goal is that this winter you will be able to enter your field observations to save them, analyze then, and contribute to a database open to researchers.

SnowGeek will also be following hot news in Avalanche Education and Snow Science so bookmark it now! You can also subscribe to the SnowGeek RSS feed by clicking on the RSS button on the top right of this article, following @SnowGeekOrg on Twitter, or adding SnowGeek to your Facebook by clicking Here

Be sure to check out the About Us page and consider donating to SnowGeek


Pedro Rodriguez

SnowGeek Founder