Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Present Ideas for Backcountry Ski Tourer

I hope this message is shared by fathers, mothers, sons, girlfriend, or wife searching for a GREAT present for their love ones that happen to love to spend time in the sidecountry or backcountry during the winter months. This is the time when we become desperate for that elusive gift. I will include below some ideas of MUST have gear:

Sight-through Clinometer:

I noticed that the Brunton is priced at $74.59 - WHAT a DEAL!

AMAZON Link for Brunton Clinometer

A slightly cheaper option but very functional, and you get a compass (must have item) is priced at $45.55:

And finally a NEW item in the market with a very competitive price at 34.99:

Amazon Link for NEW Brunton Avalanche Inclinometer

There are other more expensive options, but I strongly recommend owning one of the above. For those that have are lucky to be love by the winner of the powerball I will include below the "Cadillac" of the clinometers:

Amazon Link for Haglof Clinometer

Magnifier for snow crystal identification:

STOP looking around, search no more, this is the best deal so far:

Amazon Link for Carson MA-30 Magni Scope Pocket Microscope

But if you get the scope, why not getting the BEST crystal card available? I do not recommend metal crystal cards - it is very hard to keep them from melting snow grains.

Amazon Link for BCA Crystal Card

Snowpit Technologies "Snow And Avalanche Field Notebook, 3rd Edition":

This is fantastic snow journal will keep your love one safe. It will help him/her to keep track of snow and avalanche conditions. It also has a lot of great information about stability tests, and other critical information. it is priced at $25.

Link for SWAG Field Book

Most likely your love one already has a Two-antena Transciever, a metal shovel with extendable handle, a 3 meter probe, and a snow saw. If not, what are you waiting for? Or if the probe or shovel have many miles or are reaching 10 years - go ahead an buy NEW reliable gear. Please make a note on buying a shovel with extendable handle, the new excavation techniques for avalanche rescue benefit from this feature.

A note on snow saws, I recommend a snow saw that can cut wood in an emergency. A nice feature - my preference - is the option of connecting the saw to poles available in the BD snow saw.

Amazon link for Black Diamond Saw

Snow Cord:

As we continue to educate backcountry users to use extended compression columns for snow stability evaluation, it is much easier (and fun) to use a snow cord to isolate the 90x30 cm snow columns:

Amazon link for G3 Cord

Avalanche Books:

Finally, the latest edition of Bruce's book has been updated, and it FUN to read.

Amazon Link for Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain

Another book I strongly recommend is Snow Sense 5 Edition. I could not find a link at Amazon that will guarantee the 5th edition. And you want to GET this last edition! Thus I recommend that you use the following e-mail for ordering the book:

If I come out with other gift ideas, I might come back and edit this posting.